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Our Story Huntraders is an online Trading Education Center and Community Space created by professional, independent traders to let traders and experts share their thoughts, participate in professional events, learn and trade together.

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We, the Huntraders team, have been working since to provide financial market players with knowledge that, up to now, had only been available to a small group. With the founding of Huntraders, formerly known as BetBulls, we were the first in Hungary to share for free the basic information needed for stock market trading including information regarding technical analysis, stock and option tradingthus breaking the traditions and making the basics of trading available to anyone!

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Through more than 10 years of ig opciós kereskedés development, we have striven to support both beginner and advanced traders with a number of self-developed trading decision support software and publications, most of which are still available free of charge. The experience which we acquired over the years has shown that the Hungarian trading scene is fragmented, with a lack of professional communities and study groups.

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Ten years after our founding, intwo enthusiastic Ig opciós kereskedés traders came together with the aim to create a community that provides its members with equal opportunity to learn, and that involves, as an important precondition, knowledge sharing among Experts. The new dimension of signal service and social trading In line with international trends, there is a growing demand in Hungary for social trading led by Experts and experienced traders. We have recognized that learning, analysing and trading together are the essence of professional stratégiák, hogy pénzt keressenek bináris opciókkal. We strive to promote the ig opciós kereskedés of Club Members with a large amount of educational materials and systematic dictionaries and guides, thus assisting the prospective traders in their first steps and financial success!

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Today, from Forex trading through the world of bonds to money and risk management, we provide educational materials on every topic so that we can support prospective traders in as many matters as possible! With the growth of the Huntraders Club Expert base, more and more educational materials will become available to the Huntraders Club members.

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